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A letter to the “Friends of a Free Iran”

I would like to directs your attention for a few moments in order to give you a different view of the Mojahedon-e Khalq of Iran and why we think that they should stay in the EU terror list.

For the exile Iranians living abroad, and for those who have fought for democracy and the separation between state and religion it is a regrettable day when a terrorist leader can be so enthusiastically received by a number of the EU parliamentary Members.

The MKO (Mojahedin-e Khalq) or NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) has in our view a dark history in regards to fighting for democracy and human rights. They are responsible of killing thousands of Iranian civilian with acts of terror and bombings of public places. They were regarded as the trusted partners of Saddam Hussein. In the rebellion of the Kurds in 1991, the Mojahedin in support of Saddam Hussein were responsible for the killing of tens of Kurdish citizen of Iraq. Many of our organizations members were members of the Mojahedin at that time and will never forget the famous words of Maryam Rajavi who gave these orders to his army: “do not waste bullets on the Kurds but rather roll over them with your tanks”.

The Mojahedin, under the leadership of Massoud Rajavi oppressed the Kurds in north of Iraq, and gave Saddam Hussein the opportunity to gather his forces and crush the Shi’a uprising in the South of the country.

Maryam and Massoud Rajavi, controls the organization with iron fists and look upon themselves as god-like figures sent to rescue Iran and Iranians and are only accountable directly to god. They have turned Mojahedin into a religious cult. They forced every husband and wife to get divorced and made sure that any feelings directed towards family, friends, mothers and children became a crime in of it self. The only “legal” feeling of love was to be held for the Rajavis.

In our view, there is no pride in supporting of a organization and individuals who have no belief in human rights and resort to torture and murder of those who believe differently then themselves.

In order to better understand the Mojahedin-e Khalq cult status, we remind you that after Maryam Rajavi’s arrest on 17 June 2003, over 10 member and followers of the Mojahedin set themselves on fire in protest to the arrest. This action can only be attributed to a cult where individuals are brainwashed and made to believe that their lives mean nothing and can be used as a tool.

I hope you would be able to find the time in order for us to sit down and talk about this in greater detail.

We are delighted that you spend time from your busy schedule to pay attention to the current situation in Iran and what’s happening in and around the Middle East. We hope that you will continue to show your interest in this very troubled area of the world.

As you know there are two sides to any story, and now that you have heard the Mojahedin’s side, you should also make an effort to listen to our side of the story. As both victims of the Iranian regime and the Mojahedin-e Khalq, it is necessary to get to know both perspectives.


With best regards

Karim Haggi

Iran Peyvand Association

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