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Help the hostages taken by terrorist Mojahedin Khalq

Open letter to Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton
From Mr. Ali Ghashghavi, Iran Green Association, Germany, October

Dear Secretary of State,
I would like to introduce myself and give you a brief history of my experience with the MojahedinOpen letter to Secretary of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton From Mr. Ali Ghashghavi, Iran Green Association Khalq and their conduct in Iraq during the time I was a member. I have been treated with Dark Age kinds of torture and inhuman conduct on the direct order of the leadership of Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult) only because I rejected the training and execution of terrorist activities. I was brought to their so called courts, forced to sign and confess to whatever they asked me and was sentenced to death. Subsequently I was sent to Abu Ghraib prison of Saddam along side other disaffected members of Mojahedin Khalq to serve long sentences. This is the time that Saddam was under pressure by the US government as well as much of the international community. With the fall of Saddam the benefactor of Massoud Rajavi leader of Mojahedin Khalq, I managed to free myself and now live in Germany.

I am writing this letter only to remind your good self of the situation of the people who are still trapped in this organisation. Now, years after the fall of Saddam, many of the captives inside this organisation are still trapped and have not achieved their basic human rights. The silence of the international community and the open hand given to this terrorist religious cult within the western lobbies including in your country US, has encouraged the group to increase its abuse of human rights and continue its spread of terrorism and hatred in free societies.

This way of life has been continuing for the last two decades in the closed camp in Iraq. A way of life which is more like an exercise of deliberate hostility toward the modern world and a way which is dreaming using the cult and cultish experiences to gain power over the civilised Iranian society. A dream obviously doomed to fail. After losing all credibility amongst Iranians over the last few decades, the cult is now trying to portray a picture of political opposition for itself by taking the internal critics as hostages.

After the September 11 disaster, the group celebrated the event and distributed candy etc in the presence of their leader Massoud Rajavi. They broadcasted every song and march they had for the celebration of the assassination of the American servicemen who they had killed in previous years in Iran. They clearly showed how distanced their way of thinking is compared with the normal social feelings of normal people in free societies.

Considering the backward mentality of terrorists who can even cheer for terrorist acts against innocent people, it seems that helping people to free themselves from Mojahedin Khalq terrorist organisation is a necessity.

Mojahedin try to hide their true face under the disguise of made up human rights names and groups so that they can stay in Iraq with the hope of one day starting their terror campaign again. They are also trying their best to come off the list of terrorists in US for the same purpose. The history of Mojahedin Khalq and the way they are treating the families of their victims inside their camp in Iraq clearly shows their vast differences with normal people. They are clearly demonstrating their true belief that “you are either with us or against us”
It is good to see that the State Department has included the name of National Council of Resistance (NCRI) in the list of terrorists as a another name for Mojahedin Khalq but we believe that there should be less tolerance of this organisation and certainly more help to free the ones who do not wish to continue working for this terrorist organisation.

The families of the victims of this terrorist cult, some of them have not seen their loved ones for the last two decades, are now picketing in front of the camp for the last few months demanding visiting rights to their loved ones. But the Mojahedin cult not only deny any proper response to their demands and questions, they are now clearly using the captive dissidents inside the camp as hostages to their goals.

Today everyone knows that the presence of Mojahedin Khalq and using them as a tool in political games not only has no benefit to the people of Iran[…]

Your sincerely,
Ali Ghashghavi
October 16, 2010

The Ambassador of United States to Iraq

Ali Ghashghavi, Iran Green Association, Germany

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