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US Forces Attack Mojahedin Khalq Supporter in Baghdad

US army released a statement on Saturday saying: "In a joint operation with Iraqi forces, the house of a man tied to a Sunni political group in Baghdad was raided in which a large cache of weapons and materials needed for making bombs were found." "During the attack, which was performed on Tuesday, 14 terrorists hiding in the house in Al-Mansour district in western Baghdad were arrested. They had gathered there under the name of body guards for known terrorist Khalf Al-Elayan, member of Sunni Accord Front." The statement also adds: "The amount of weapons found is unbelievable. There are modern weapons, mortar rounds, 5000 bullets and materials used for making bombs." "In the initial inspections, forces found maps planned for attacking coalition forces, pictures of burned British soldiers, photos of an explosion in a restaurant in Mosul in 2004 as well as pictures of dead US soldiers wrapped in US flag."


The operation came at a time when the Iraqi government was pressurized by Washington to employ more Sunni figures in political posts. Shiite and Kurd officials have repeatedly accused some Sunni politicians of having ties to terrorism.


Khalaf Al-Elayan is of few Sunni representatives who went to Europe by the invitation of Mojahedin-e Khalq and held lobbies there to get support for the Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult).


Buratha news, April 08, 2007



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