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Establishing Sunni Arab Force in Baghdad Revealed

A plan for establishing an illegal Sunni Arab forces in Baghdad, which will act as a disciplined army against Iraqi armed forces, was revealed on Tuesday.

Some Sunni Arab figures and groups, as well as members of former Baath party and Iraqi Estekhbarat, are trying to establish this force in Iraq with the assistance of the U.S. and some Arab countries.

Al-Nahrain Net quoted European diplomatic sources saying that this plan is aimed at taking the control of Baghdad and its security.

"That’s why the Accord Front announced last week that it would leave the government, in order to pave the way for the execution of this plan," sources added.

The sources, not named by this news agency, also said that the plan had been prepared long time ago by countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and UAE with the assistance of the U.S.

"This Sunni force would act like a second army in Baghdad and some Iraqi provinces and its establishment has been scheduled," the news agency added.

"After the establishment of this pseudo-army, Baath and Sunni Arabs would be allowed, according to an American plan, to take the control of security in Western Baghdad, known as Karkh area. According to this paln, the control of some Sunni areas, including Al-Dowrah, Al-Aamel, Al-Baya’, Al-Sayedeh, and Al-Mekanik, in western, southern and eastern Baghdad, would be given to terrorist organization of al-Qaeda, mostly comprised of Baathist elements."

A number of European countries have warned London over the risks of executing this plan and asked British officials to put pressure on Washington to stop it.

European sources also added that U.S.’s decision to give the security of Al-Dowrah and Al-Sayedah … to Sunni Arabs and Baathsis is aimed at blocking southern parts of Baghdad on Iraq’s central and southern provinces.

Al-Nahrain Net has said that a number of elements from former Baath party, based in Amman, have recently promised each other that they are going to reclaim their lost power by the help of U.S.’s military forces and the wealth of Saudis.

"An Arab country has recently contacted Saudi officials, asking them to stop this plan because it would deteriorate the security in Iraq and particularly Baghdad," Al-Nahrain has said. The name of the Arab country has not been revealed.

The news agency says it has the names of some former Baath Party commanders involved in this plan.

Most of the commanders, according to the news agency, are the leaders of armed groups like Islamic Army, the Army of Mohammed, Ansar Al-Sunnah, The Army of Omar and The Army of Mojahedin in Iraq.

Most of these commanders have been trained by Saudi and Jordanian officers in Amman.

The report adds that Khalaf El-Elyan, the head of Sunni Dialog Council and former officer of Iraqi Army, as well as "Zafer Al-Aani", formerly a member of Baath party, and Saleh Mutlaq, supporter of terrorist MEK, and Mohammed al-Dayeni, another member of former Baath party, are of MPs whose names have been reveled in the report.

Accord Front’s decision to leave the government and then launching media war on the government and later threats by Khalaf Elyan and Zafer al-Aani to carry weapons have all been along the plan, coordinated by Amman, Riyadh and the U.S.

Al-Nahrain Net has added that U.S.’s embassy in Baghdad had been informed of Accord Front’s decision 12 hours before it was announced by the party.

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