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Arab Media Response to Maliki’s Comments

The comments of Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki on the terrorist organization of MKO have received great attention from Arab media:

ILAPH, quoting Al-Zaman, London, Ali Ayel


Nuri al-Malki the prime minister of Iraq warned 5000 MKO members (now in a camp in Iraq under US supervision) to look for a third country and leave iraq as soon as possible.

In this regard, Iraqi PM said: "the first step for Iraqi government to take is to ban MKO members from entering Iraq’s governmental institutions and organizations to distribute their statements. In addition, MKO members shouldn’t be allowed to leave their camp in Dyala province."

In a press conference in Baghdad, Maliki said the government had discussed the issue of MKO’s presence in Iraq. Referring to the fact that MKO is considered a terrorist group, Maliki said its presence in Iraq contradicts Iraqi constitution.

American forces have disarmed and restricted the members of the group. After their disarmament, Iraqi governing council ordered the expulsion of MKO and extradition of its members to Iran.

"After security services released a report on the activities of this group, government discussed the issue of MKO’s presence in Iraq and the relation of this issue to political-security situation," Maliki added.

He added that "MKO interferes in social and political issues as if it’s an Iraqi organization while it’s a terrorist organization and the presence of this group in Iraq contradicts the constitution. We have made decisions in this regard."

Iraqi PM also pointed to the formation of a special committee to follow the issue and make decisions on scheduling this group’s expulsion.



It seems that Nuri al-Maliki, Iraqi prime minister, has reached a firm decision on armed groups, because for the first time he openly talked about the situation of MKO in Iraq and its interferences in country’s internal affairs.

Despite being on US terror list, this group enjoys the support of some Americans.



Al-Maliki stops the MKO

Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, said his government will soon take proper measures against the armed Iranian opposition group in Iraq.

He said he won’t allow the group to issue statements or its members to leave their camp.

He also reported of the formation of a committee for determining the status of this group in Iraq.

Arabic BBC:


Maliki accused the MKO of interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs.

In a press conference he said that MKO, which acts against Iran, is openly and widely interfering in Iraq’s political and social affairs.

"In addition, this group is a terrorist organization and its presence in Iraq violates Iraqi constitution," he added.

Maliki said his government has decided to take action against MKO.

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Irandidban    2006/07/25

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