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Ibrahim Jaafari’s Comments on the MEK

In an interview with IRNA, former Iraq Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari responded to a question on the “illegal presence of terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization in Iraq”.

“Our position towards non-Iraqi groups from neighboring countries is based on having well relationship with neighbors,” he said.

Former Iraqi PM added: “Based on this attitude, if Turkish Kurds’ Workers’ Party operates against Turkey, it will be banned from further activities.”

“Relations with Iran are also based on good will and we won’t accept MKO’s operations against Iran. This policy also applies about other neighboring countries. Iraqi government will not allow non-Iraqi groups to perform sabotage operations against other countries from Iraq. For these groups including the MKO, we have predicted two options: either leaving the country as soon as possible or stopping operations against other countries,” he added.

According to former Iraqi PM, the activities of all groups should be conducted in the framework of Iraqi constitution, according to which terrorist groups have no place in Iraq.  

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