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MKO trains Al Qaeda in Iraq

MKO’s military facilities, backed by US army, are currently used as safe training camps for hundreds of Al Qaeda terrorists preparing themselves for attacks which have claimed thousands of civilian lives after the US-led invasion of the country in 2003, IRNA reported.

In the eastern Iraqi province of Diala, local political figures and army officers have raised concerns about the deteriorating security conditions in the area due to the presence of MKO’s terror centers, Iraq’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan quoted local sources as saying.

Iraqi security forces have recently detained 15 terrorists active in these bases and seized several video tapes and CDs which show them training for terrorist missions in Baquba and Khalis, eastern Iraq, an Iraqi security officer speaking on condition of anonymity said.

The detained terrorists confessed they were intent on selling these tapes and videos to some recognized Arabic news channels in the region, he said.

Press TV – 16/04/2007

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