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The Mob Manipulated by the terrorists

Failing to provide any evidence to justify its demand of being removed from the EU terror list, the MKO follows the bizarre policy of orchestrating street circus shows. Much blessed to the large sum of money the cult invests in such occasions, the paid, enthusiastic supporters are always at hand to play patriotism wherever the leaders settle to set up the stage.

There also exist a number of people with problems, living far from their home countries, who are looking for help and who are manipulated by the opportunists. They might be people having difficulty with their seeking or applying for asylum. No need to say that their desperate situation compels them to line up for any group and organization against their will at any promising word.

The small gifts distributed in these street-shows, which are reported to be protesting rallies by Iranian resistance, might attract any passerby. Of course, they have to sing to get the gifts and the signatures are then advertised to be that of the supporters of the group’s demands. Furthermore, rarely anybody protests you if you station a line of the owner-paid mass in front of a private building or office so far as they keep a peaceful mode.

That is what happened in Sydney, Australia on April 7 when the Mojahedin-run media announced its supporters held a picket line asking the European Union to respect the Court ruling. Their activities banned as a terrorist group, no other place rather than the Iranian Refugee Center in Sydney could serve the cult of Mojahedin to hold the picket line.

Interestingly, the president of the Center, while the present lot of Iranians were being abused for the causes of the terrorist MKO, described the European Union’s decision as "surrendering to the requests of the Mullahs in Iran”, condemned any trade with Iran at the cost of Iranian people’s rights, and asked for the removal of the terrorists from the EU list.

The question formed in the minds of the paid sympathizers as ell as many Australian citizens was that why the European Council refused to abide by the ruling of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities and insisted on keeping MKO on its terrorist list? And that, is it possible that the European Communities that are concerned about the security of their people and have the responsibility to confront the threats of the cults and violent gangs are making a mistake?


Ehsan Kavehpour –  April 12, 2007


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