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Rajavi’s Pitiful Condition

– IAEA announced that Iran has started enriching uranium in the industrial level by installing 1300 centrifuges.


– Larijani and Solana will meet on April 26 and it can be predicted that the talks will pave the way for fresh dialogue between the EU and Iran over its nuclear program.


– US Defense Secretary stressed once again that there’s no plan for military action against Iran, although some people like to believe that Pentagon’s movements are signs of a possible military attack against Iran; however, the general condition of the US, domestically and internationally, nullifies this possibility.


– Olmert, as major enemy of Iranians, has expressed hope, despite all previous threats by Zionist regime against Iran, that Iranian nuclear issue could be solved diplomatically!


These are the most unpleasant news for the gang of Rajavi. They wish to take advantage of international developments over Iran.


What makes it worse for the MKO is EU’s preparedness to give the reasons why it has designated MKO as a terrorist organization!


This means that EU’s Ministers Council, despite the ruling of the Court of First Instance, still believes that the MKO should remain in terror list.


This Council is seemingly trying to pass a law that requires the EU to explain why it puts certain groups on terror list.


So, they’re observing a law that has not been passed yet; this is a smart legal move to block any challenges in future.


EU’s reasons for calling MKO a terrorist group, which will be published soon, strips MKO from the chance of taking advantage of maneuvering over this law itself. Although, they are ready to interpret this law as a victory for the group to boost the morale of group’s desperate members.


On the other hand, this act further blocks MKO from resorting to First Instance Court’s ruling.


Rallies held by MKO supporters in France and England prove desperate situation


Of MKO, whose activities have been restricted to efforts for the survival of the group.


That being said, one can foresee that Rajavi’s efforts against the EU will be futile and that Rajavi’s gang is too discredited to be able to reconstruct its destroyed terrorist base in Europe.


It should be noted that there’s only one major reason behind all these efforts for getting off the list: providing a safe and secure life for Rajavi. However, even if they succeeded in providing a life for him in Europe, they wouldn’t be able to change his political status as an old criminal cult leader who’s lived in hiding.


Irandidan –  2007/04/25

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