The Use of the Philosophy of Martyrdom within Religious Cults for Acts of Terrorism

Dr. Massoud Banisadr speech in London School of Economics, May 05, 2007

“Men reject their prophets and they slay them, but they love their martyrs and honour those whom they have slain.” Fedor Dostoevsky (From Brother Karamajov book 6 Chapter 3)

In the Quran we read that on Judgment Day, God will be just when it comes to ruling between Prophets and Martyrs. Quran 39:69

This is interpreted to mean that some martyrs would stand higher than prophets. But which one of them? Before I go any further, let me emphasis more on the meaning of this saying of Quran, and what it means for an ordinary Muslim? It means that an ordinary Muslim through his actions while he is alive – and with the right kind of death – can change his or her status in front of God and the people, from an ordinary person into someone higher than a prophet….

The transcription of Dr. Massoud Banisadr speech in LSC:


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