New Additions to State Department’s Report on MKO


As noted before, the new report of "Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism", published on April 30, has a more serous tone on the MKO than previous reports.

These additions, retrieved by comparing annual terrorism report 2006 and 2006, are as follows:


Additions to "Description":


– Pointing to the assassination of US military and civilian personnel in Iran during 1970s,


– Stressing the ability and the will of MKO members and leadership to conduct terrorist operations across the world,


– Introducing the MKO as one of the most violent political groups, established during 60s,


– Emphasizing the fact that MKO was disliked by Iranians, following the Islamic Revolution,


– Underlining the fact that for more than 3 decades, MKO used its bases in Iraq and Europe to conduct terror attacks against Iran,


– Expansion of financial base, military skills and leaders’ activities in Europe.


– Showing cult-like characteristics, in addition to terrorist ones,


– Ideological pressure on members and offering them distorted history of Iran,


– Stressing the existence of compulsory divorces, cleansing sessions and separation of kids from their parents,


– Establishing cult-of-personality around Rajavi.


Additions to "Activities":


– Confessing that despite US efforts, MKO members and leaders have never been taken to court for their role in illegal activities,


– MKO has been supported by reprehensible regimes, like that of Saddam Hussein.


– Stressing that MKO conducted terrorist operations from its bases in France for 5 years,


– Citing reports that showed Maryam Rajavi encouraged members to "crush Kurds under the tanks",


– That 7 Iranians had been arrested by FBI for transferring 400000 dollars to the MKO for buying weapons,


– Voluntarily surrender to coalition, after the ouster of Saddam, and submitting heavy weaponries,


– Arrest of 160 MKO members, including Maryam Rajavi, in France for using its bases in France for planning and financing terrorist operations,


– Self-immolations by MKO members, following the detention of Maryam Rajavi,


– Maryam Rajavi’s going to hiding, and using video-satellite to motivate members,


– Discovering documents that prove MKO received the money of oil-for-food program and used the money for terrorist attacks,


– Citing documents that prove MKO-Saddam ties: lists, a film showing Saddam when he gives a suitcase of money to MKO’s known leaders, and a footage of MKO members being trained by Iraqi army.


Additions to "Strength":


– Settlement of MKO supporters and members across Europe,


– Stressing the fact that "protected status" (4th Geneva Convention) doesn’t apply to MKO members outside Camp Ashraf or to the group as a foreign terrorist organization,


– The fact that several MKO members, trained by former Iraqi regime to make bomb and work with weapons, are still at large.


Additions to "Location/Area of Operation":


– Maintaining bases in Paris,


– Targeting Iranian elements across the world,


– Active propaganda and lobby of NCRI in the West,


– NCRI’s developed media strategies


Additions to "External Aid":


More reliance, after the fall of Saddam, on financial aids, collected under the name of unreal groups

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