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US Department of State report transfixed the laughter on MKO lips

Happiness and rejoice of the Mojahedin-e Khlaq members did not last for a long time and the laughter transfixed on their lips soon. After that the US federal court issued an order to the Department of State for reviewing the terrorist designation of the MKO, Leaders of this organization intended to pretend that they had nothing to do with arms and terrorism. Now following the Department of state’s report for keeping the name of this organization in the terrorist list of US, they are completely stupefied.

Mojahedin leaders along with some anti- Iran newspapers of the United States including Washington Post were considering the rule of the court as the victory of Justice (!!). They thought that it is done and they will not be kept anymore in the terrorist list. However the security issues and the classified information of the US government and department of state were more than the documents of the judges who had not any clear awareness of the terrorist nature and background of Mojahedin-e Khalq. The order issued by the judge in this court was mainly dependent upon the claims of some Mojahedin members and their faked documents.

In early 70s, Mojahedin members who were angry with the US support of Shah, attacked on Americans and killed many civilian and non-civilian Americans that were working on a defensive project in Iran.

After the Islamic Revolution, Mojahedin- e Khalq announced armed conflict against Islamic Republic and in short time Masoud Rajavi along with Bani sadr fled from Iran and took French refugee. In 1364 they began their cooperation with Saddam Hussein who was fighting against Iran at that moment. Until the collapse of Baath regime by American forces, they were working for Saddam and committing treason against Islamic Republic of Iran.

Some of the prominent attacks of Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization include: killing 12 thousand civilians who had mostly private jobs; the explosion of presidential office; the explosion of prime minister’s office; assassination of Assadollah Lajavardi, the head of Iran prisons; assassination of Ali Sayyad Shirazi, commander of armed forces; mortar attacks on president office in 2000 which led to the martyrdom of 1 civilian.

This terrorist group which once had strong anti-American ideology and called this country the Imperialism of the century now is under complete support of the US. However the terrorist background of this organization is as much that the US Department of State could not remove the name of MKO from it Foreign Terrorist Organization’s list.

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