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Security official denies MKO is stationed in Iraq’s Kurdistan

 A top Interior Ministry official has dismissed reports that Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) members have been stationed in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

“Iraqi officials do not allow such transfer,” Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Ali Abdollahi stated on Monday.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abdollahi refuted the news that Abdolmalek Rigi’s spouse has entered Iran.

Rigi, the leader of the terrorist Jundallah group, was arrested in last February and hanged in June.

Pakistanis not waiting to cross border into Iran

He also dismissed the reports that a huge crowd of Pakistanis from the flood-stricken areas are waiting across the border to enter Iran.

MP Abbasali Noura on Saturday warned about the potential arrival of a huge number of Pakistanis into Iran.

However, an entry of flood-hit Pakistani nationals into the country could be a security threat to the country in the future, Abdollahi noted.

He added that the Iran-Pakistan border is under tight control and necessary measures have been taken to prevent illegal crossings.

Although Iran borders insecure countries, it is among the secure countries in the world, the Interior Ministry official noted.

He also cited the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and alcoholic drinks into the country as the major nuisances

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