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More Evidence on Rajavi cult – Qaeda Ties

The terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq, with long history of denying its own acts and plots, responded to the comments and revelations of Mr. Hadi Farhan Abdullah al-Aameri, the head of Iraqi Parliament’s Security Commission, by projection and denying the facts; Mr. Aameri had revealed MKO’s ties with Al-Qaeda.

He had stressed that the MKO was involved in violent acts in Dyalah province.

However, the gang of Rajavi, failed to benefit from such acts, claimed that American Generals can testify that MKO has nothing to do with this.

Meanwhile, additional intelligence have been reported, including those broadcast by Kurdistan TV, which quoted Al-Sharq alawsat:

“Mountains of Hamrin have turned to safe haven and training base for armed terrorists of Al-Qaeda. Following the security plan in Baghdad and mobilization of tribes in Anbar province to push out Al-Qaeda militants, members of this terrorist organization left the place to Hamrin Mountains. Armed members of Al-Qaeda have established 7 bases in Hamrin to train new terrorists.”

What can be clearly seen of MKO’s involvement in this issue is that Hamrin was for long time a place for MKO’s terrorist training and practices; now they coordinate with Al-Qaeda by establishing terrorist bases.

Such relations with Al-Qaeda justify in part the philosophy of abducting and killing of two MKO members by the Gestapo of this group; they abducted and killed two of their own members in order to take position against those who may accuse the group of terrorism!

The Gestapo of Ashraf has already accused tens of Iraqi officials and figures of being involved in abducting the two members and Mr. Aameri is the last one to be accused after he revealed MKO’s ties with Al-Qaeda.

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