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MEK cooperate with local insurgents

Released in IraqSlogger Daily Column, Zeyad Kasim quoted the Shaheed Al-Mihrab Foundation’s website revealing MEK terrorist operation in Iraqi soil.

The Shaheed Al-Mihrab Foundation, a SIIC-sponsored Shi’ite organization led by Ammar Al-Hakim, son of SIIC leader Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, accused Mujahideen e-Khalq, an Iranian militant opposition group in Iraq, of attacking a Shi’ite village in the Diyala governorate, northeast of Baghdad.

MEK elements attacked the Anbakiya area, near Muqdadiya, and clashed with residents, who killed 15 MEK elements, according to the Shaheed Al-Mihrab Foundation’s website. Strongly opposed to the presence of Iranian opposition groups in Iraq, SIIC had repeatedly accused MEK of cooperating with local insurgents and Al-Qaeda in Iraq in the Diyala governorate to attack and forcefully deport Shi’ite residents. MEK operated three military bases in the Diyala governorate under the rule of Saddam Hussein and reportedly assisted the former regime in suppressing the 1991 uprising. Following the invasion of Iraq, U.S. troops disarmed the group but designated its members as “protected persons” under the Geneva Convention and posted guards at their bases.

IraqSlogger – 19/05/2007

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