I was under pressure and forced to attend brainwashing meeting

Malek Hozhabr was living in Turkey as a young boy when deceived by the MEK recruiters into joining the group. He says:

“In 2002, we arrived in the MEK’s headquarters in Iraq, Camp Ashraf. I found out that I was on the wrong path as soon as I arrived in Ashraf. I expressed my dissent and asked to leave the group but I was not allowed. Instead, I was threatened to be delivered to Iraqi Intelligence Ministry. I was constantly under pressure and forced to attend brainwashing meeting. They wanted me to give up.”

Malek Hozhabr

After the American invasion to Iraq, Malek escaped Camp Ashraf and went to the American camp and from there he and two other comrades, named Heidar and Nasser succeeded to escape to Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where they were arrested by the security forces. The judge court listened to his testimony about his experience in the MEK and released him.

In 2005, Malek was able to return home after three years of being a hostage in the MEK. “As a victim of the Rajavi’s suppressive system, I am ready to testify in any court of justice,” he says.

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