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MKO Supporters Involved in Terrorism

Khalaf El-Ayan, strong supporter of terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization, is the commander of terrorist group of Iraqi Islamic Army.

Revealing this, General Aboud Qanbar, in charge of Baghdad security plan, said that 15 members of Parliament were directly in touch with terrorist groups in Iraq.

Those whose names have been revealed by General Qanbar are known for their opposition to the Iraqi government and for their support for the MKO. Saleh Mutlak, Mohammed Daini, Adnan Al-Dulaimi and Khalaf El-Ayan are known figures of this movement.

General Qanbar has said that TNT found in El-Ayan’s house matches explosives used in explosion in Parliament’s building.

These people conduct terrorist acts under parliamentary immunity, which obstructs the process of prosecution.

These people are well aware that in the case of any prosecution, their terrorist activities will be revealed; therefore they have threatened to leave coalition and parliament and to challenge the government…

It’s amazing because their behavior is similar to that of MKO during the first days after Iranian revolution.

Despite the discovery of weapons, spying for Soviet Union and involvement in illegal act, MKO considered itself above the law and took part in political activities in order to enjoy immunity. Whenever asked to conform to law and accept disarmament, they made noise and threatened to enter military phase!

MKO’s lining with these people and repetition of their stances and positions leaves no doubt that anarchist gang of Rajavi can’t accept democracy and social laws and that it has always found similar groups and has sided with them.

So, part of this group’s role in Iraq is to transfer experience and training to such so-called groups.

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