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MKO involved in car bombing in Basra

MKO involved in car bombing in Basra, Iraqi security official

Terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO) was involved in car bombing in the southern port city of Basra on Monday, Iraqi security official told IRNA on Tuesday.

The car bombing on Monday killed at least 20 Iraqi civilians and injured more than 50 in Basra. Several of those injured are in critical condition.

The security official said that the number of deaths will probably rise.

"The car bombing took place in Basra following suspicious contacts between MKO elements and British military officers based in the Iraqi city," he said.

Iraqi police arrested two British nationals accused of bombing in the residential areas of Basra so far. British troops attacked the prison to free the British prisoners later on.

The British officers have embarked on hiring MKO elements for sabotage and terrorist attacks in Iraq for their own inhumane ends.

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said earlier that the MKO will be expelled from the country for the crimes they perpetrated against Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein.

In the final years of Saddam Hussein’s rule in Iraq, MKO served as accomplice to Iraqi dictator in crushing Iraqi people’s uprising in northern Iraq against Saddam.

MKO is currently working in collaboration with US and UK troops occupying Iraq since April 2003.

The security official said that evidences of MKO involvement in Basra car bombing are being collected.

He said that the style of the terrorist attacks bear striking similarity with the MKO’s previous operations in Iraq. Tehran, Nov 1

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