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Mojahedin Khalq Organisation should be tried in Iraq

Last week, Habilian association had a meeting with some Iraqi NGOs officials and talked about Iraq status and position of Mujahedin in there.

In this meeting, Mr. Sheikh Emadodin Tamimi, director of Ansar-ul-hojjeh association in Baghdad, Sheikh Safa Tamimi, Friday Prayer Leader of Baghdad’s Mosques, and Asadollah Feli, secretary of Shiite Kurds Islamic movement in Iraq, met and talked to Habilian general secretary and executive director about Mujahedin terrorist group’s crimes and determination of nation and government to expulsion of them.

Mr. Sanavi, executive director of Habilian association, after welcoming them reminded on last negotiation with Iraqi friends, in which was not necessary to explain more about Mujahedin status and we became so glad that Iraqi nation know backgrounds of this terrorist group.

Then Sheikh Safa condoled and expressed his sympathy to family of martyrs, who have been martyred by Mujahedin.

Then Sheikh Emadodin Tamimi refused any claims of Mujahedin and occupiers to presence of this terrorist group in Iraq by according to Iraq’s constitution and criminal backgrounds of this group and also stressed that: “Munafeqin as Saddam’s mercenaries and murderer of Iran and Iraq’s children, would be expelled early and in this issue nation and all political group of Iraq have solidarity”.

Sheikh Emadodin Tamimi expressed his regret on their terrorist actions in Iran and also represented some recent events that happen in Iraq, especially the oppression and prosecution of Shiite.

Mr. Emadodin also noticed that now the occupiers support Mujahedin without any attention to Iraq nation and interests.

Then Mr. Feli, secretary of Islamic movement of Iraq Shiite Kurds, condoled martyrs’ families and explained the role and criminal actions of Munafeqin group on suppress of Kurds and described it as a massacre case, which caused that Munafeqin leaders can’t leave Iraq without trial and replay to Iraqi Kurds.

Mr. Hasheminejad also expressed his regret on Iraq recent status and expressed hope that terrorist activities and occupation of Iraq land will be ended and Iraqi people live in safe and comfort.

After that participants started their negotiations by according to agenda.

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