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Participants of Nejat Conference Speak of the grieves imposed by the MEK

Ebrahim Khodabande

The two first days of the five-day online conference of Nejat Society were broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, August 7th and 8th. The conference is attended by former members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) and families of those who are still taken as hostages by the group leaders.

The followings have been taken from the speeches of some of the participants of the first and second day of the conference:

Conference of the Nejat Society

Conference of the Nejat Society perusing to support the International trial of MEK leaders

The brother of Morteza Ghadimi, member of the MEK: “I hope that our letters, complaints and petitions be effective. My parents are both very old. They are still awaiting my brother release from the Cult of Rajavi.”

The sister of Alimadad Sadeghi: “Alimadad has been enduring the brainwashing system of the Cult of Rajavi for over four decades.”

The sister of Habibollah Qasemi: “We ask for visiting our loved brother in Albania.”

The brother of Hossein Nematollahi: “My brother was in the prisons of Saddam Hussein for ten years and since then he has been captive in the MEK. We signed petitions. We wrote letters but there was no answer.”

The sister of Alkhas Kouhpeyma: “We had no news of my brother. We just realized that he is in the MEK after his friends returned to Iran and told us about the fate of Alkhas in the MEK’s Camp Ashraf. We went to Ashraf several times but we were not allowed to see my brother.”

The niece of Mahmoud Talebi: “My uncle was a prisoner of war but he was deceived by the MEK recruiters and was delivered to Camp Ashraf. The MEK leaders never let him contact us and never let us visit him.”

Mahmoud Dashtestani

Mahmoud Dashtestani

Mahmoud Dashtestani, former member of the MEK: “We challenged the leaders of the Cult of Rajavi by running this petition. I am one of the complainants and witnesses of the MEK’s atrocities, in the court. We will pursue our complaint in the International court of the Hague.”

Abbas Pourmohammad, former member of the MEK: “The MEK leaders took our whole life. There is no financial motivation here. We stand by those who have been looking forward to visiting their loved ones for over thirty years. Thirty years is so long!”

The brother of Masoumeh Oladi: “The MEK kidnapped my sister when she was only sixteen years old. I will sue the MEK leaders until the last day of my life.”
Ruhollah Kabiri, former member of MEK: “I was in the MEK for 12 years, the pressures and grieves I endured in this cult are unbelievable.”

The brother of Issa Akbarzadeh: “My brother was recruited by the MEK fraudulent recruiters in Turkey. We picketed behind the gates of Camp Ashraf to visit my brother but the MEK leaders did not permit us to visit him.”

Gholamali Mirzaei

Gholamali Mirzaei

GholamAli Mirzaiee, former member of the MEK: “I returned to Iran eight months ago. The entire propaganda of the MEK about defectors is false. They just lied to us when they said that our family would not welcome us in Iran.”
Mohammad Karami, former member of MEK: “I came back to Iran a few years ago and I have witnessed the efforts of my friends to save their loved ones from the MEK. I ask the international court to aid families contact their loved ones.”

The father of Aliasgar Jaafarpour: “We have been asking to meet our children for several years. The MEK has deprived us from any visit and contact.”

The brother of Abbas and Asghar Faraji: “The requests of families of MEK hostages should be investigated. I am hopeful to visit my brothers again.”

The brother of Mohammad Khatibi: “I am looking for a way to visit my brother in Albania for even a few minutes. We want to be informed about their mental and physical health.”

Fereydoun Nedaei mum

The mother of Fereydoun Nedaei

The mother of Fereidoon Nedayee: “I am waiting. I will be waiting for you as long as I am alive. Why did you take refuge in the MEK?”

The above-mentioned sentences are just a few words quoted out of the heart-breaking stories of these suffering people. Many mothers, sisters and brothers have tears in eyes while speaking in front of the camera.

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