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Negar Abbasi’s family torn apart by the MEK

MEK and Children

Negar was only three years old when her parents left her behind in Kermanshah, Iran, to travel to Turkey seeking for a better life. In Turkey, Negar’s parents, Tayebeh Noori and Mozafar Abbasi were deceived by the recruiters of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi).
Tayebeh and Mozafar were taken by the recruiters to Iraq. This was the start of a one-way journey in the isolated system of the Cult of Rajavi. As a rule of the Cult of Rajavi, they were made divorce in Camp Ashraf. They were cut off the outside world including their families and their little daughter, Negar.

Mostafa Abbasi; the father of Mozafar Abbasi

Mostafa Abbasi; the father of Mozafar Abbasi holding his dear son’s photo

Negar has been living with her paternal grandparents, Mostafa Abbasi and Hedieh Khandestani. In 2009, Negar and her grandparents began to look for Mozafar and Tayebeh via Nejat Society. In the first letter that Negar published on Nejat Website she wrote, “I have been deprived from kindness and love of my parents. I feel their absence in every moment of my life. I was only a little girl when they left me.”

Tayebe Nuri

Tayebe Nuri Tayebeh left the MEK in 2014 after the group was relocated in Albania ans lives in Switzerland

In 2016, Negar seemed to be distressed by her mother Tayebeh that had left the MEK in 2014 after the group was relocated in Albania. “I am eighteen years old right now,” Negar wrote in an open letter at the time. “I am looking forward to see my father. I love him more than I love my mother. I have deeper feelings for my father.”

Tayebeh did not get back to Iran after she defected the group. She immigrated to Switzerland and married another ex-member of the MEK, AliAkbar Oveisi who left the group in 2016. They have two young children now.
Negar is 23 now. She is still living with her elderly grandparents who have taken various actions during the 21 years of separation, in order to meet Mozafar. Negar and her grandparents have published a large number of open letters to the international human rights bodies, Albanian authorities and even letters to Mozafar. Although they know that Mozafar has no access to communication tools, as their last resort they still publish letters and video messages on the Internet.

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