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Alkhas Kuhpeima’s sister: We long to meet our loved ones

Ms. Kuhpeima, the sister of Alkhas Kuhpeima, a member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), said on the first day of the Nejat Society’s Nationwide online Conference  held on August 2021:
I am the sister of Alkhas Kuhpeima who has been a captive of the MEK for several years now, and we do not know much about him. The former members who managed to escape brought us some news. We now know that my brother is at the camp of the MEK in Albania.

Alkhas Kuhpeima sister

We went to Camp Ashraf in Iraq several times. They did not allow us any face-to-face meetings with my brother at all. We had no news about him. He was then taken to Albania. We have no news about him there either.

Now my parents have departed because of being away from my brother. My other brother and I went to Liberty and Ashraf camps in Iraq several times. But the leaders of the MEK denied us any meetings.
Please, I want you to help my brother to be free or at least we can visit him.
Thank you so much

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