Mohamed Ali Maleki’s family ask Albanian government to let him speak to his family

In the following video the family of Mohammad Ali Maleki appeals to the Albanian government to allow Mohamed Ali speak to his family.

Mohammad Ali Maleki is a prisoner of war who is being held as slave soldier by Maryam Rajavi cult in Manza, Durres Albania.

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He was captured by the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in 1988 and is until today being held by the Rajavi terrorist cult.

In the following video several family members of Mohamad Ali try to speak to him and convince him abandon terrorism and leave the MEK.

The people in the interview are as follows:
1. Ms. Soghra Maleki (the elder sister).
2. Ms. Robabeh Maleki (the middle sister, the mother of the interpreter)
3. Ms. Reyhaneh Maleki (the younger sister)
4. Mr. Hossein Maleki (the middle brother)
5. Mr. Mahdi Maleki (the younger brother)
6. Amin Maleki (the son of the eldest brother, Hassan)
7. Zeynab Maleki (the daughter of the eldest brother, Hassan)
The person who translates for the family is Abolfazl Alamdar, nephew of Mohammad Ali. The family is located in the city of Ferdaws in South Khorasan province.

Olsi Jazexhi

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