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The MEK Cult agents targeted Nasser from behind

Nasser Mohammadi's brother:The Rajavi Cult did not even show mercy to their own members

Naser Mohammadi brother

Mr. Houshang Mohammadi, the brother of Nasser Mohammadi, the victim of Operation Forough-e Javidan (Eternal Light), stated on the first day of the online Conference of the Nejat Society held on August 7,2021:
(Mr. Houshang Mohammadi spoke in Turkish, which was interpreted by Mr. Samad Eskandari)

Nasser Mohammadi, who was captured by the MEK during the Iran-Iraq war, was unfortunately held captive for a few months. He asked for his release, but was told that he had to take part in Operation Forough-e Javidan.

Naser Mohammadi brother

Naser Mohammadi brother

In a meeting we had in Iraq, the officials of the MEK said that he was martyred, which means that he was killed, but there are documents according to a meeting with his friends who saw him in the operation that the Rajavi Cult agents targeted Nasser from behind. That is the mere fact.

Despite the claims of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi that they defend democracy and human rights, they are nothing more than liars, because they did not even show mercy to their own members who wore their uniforms, and shot them in the back.

May God curse Rajavi, who has really offended our family. We sincerely wish that Rajavi and his aides and those involved in this cult be held accountable for their criminal acts in a public international court.

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