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Fereydoun Nedayee’s mother: I wait for you every day, every hour and every minute

Fereydoun Nedaei mum

Ms. Roghayeh Farazian Fard Kohan, the mother of Fereydoun Nedaee, a member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), said at the nationwide online conference of the Nejat Society held on August 2021:

In the name of God. I am Roghayeh Farazian Fard Kohan, the mother of Fereydoun Nedaee. Hello Deare Fereydoun. I am your mother. I have been waiting for a long time. Every day, every hour and every minute, I am waiting for the news to hear whether Fereydoun is coming or not. Does he call or does he not? I would like to know about your health. I have not heard from you for a long time. You were a prisoner of war. You always wrote in your letter that you would like to see us lively when you come. I would like you to come now and see how lively I am!

Fereydoun Nedaei mum

The mother of Fereydoun Nedaei

I am waiting. I am waiting for you as long as I live, as long as my soul is in my body. Why did you take refuge with them? Why did you believe their fabricated lies? They said that the resolution was accepted, but a year has passed and they have not let you go. You have not been returned to Iran. We will bring you back. They deceived you and took you away and brainwashed you.

Why did you become a refugee in this group? This group is ignorant of God. This group does not care about you. They only seek their own power. My Fereydoun. Please. If you do not want to come to Iran, you could go somewhere else. You said that you do want to come to Iran. You loved Iran. Why don’t you ever think about us? I do not know what you think. Do you think that if you come back to us, we will reject you? You are our child. You are my eldest child.

Your two brothers and relatives are waiting for you. They want you. They like to be with you. You do not know, dear Fereydoun, that your father and your brothers and I have been waiting for you for years. We are waiting for your visit. We are waiting for you to at least make a phone call and we would be aware of your health. This damn group would not let you keep in touch with your family. It is inhumane and a sin to God. This group incites you against us and washes your brain against us. Your parents love you and your brothers love you. They want you back.

My mind does take all these. Dear Fereydoun. I love you so much. I longed for you, that you would get married. Have children and see your children and I will have grandchildren. But unfortunately, you killed this wish in my heart. You have aged yourself. You crushed me. You destroyed me. Isn’t that enough for you? I do not know how much this Maryam Rajavi means to you? You always used to curse them. You did not accept them. Why did you go there and stayed so long? What did they do to you? What did we do to you when you left us? I have been waiting for you for years. How many times I came to Iraq during your captivity and I got sick, and how sick I was in Tehran. As soon as I recovered, I returned to Iraq to see you and I sent you messages. But unfortunately, I saw obscenities and stone-throwing and many other things. Now I do not know which about you. Unfortunately, you have left us in a state of unhappiness and anxiety.

I ask you, and I just ask God that you return from that group. It’s not too late. Return from that group. Come to your family. If you do not like your family, you can go to other countries. Go to your aunts. Your aunts accept you. Your family will accept you too.

Nothing calms me down. I liked music very much. The music really calmed me down when you were captured. But now music does not give me peace. You have to come to yourself. You must go to a place where you could think about your life. Think about your future. Why don’t you think about your future? You ruined your life in this group. Maryam Rajavi has not care for you. He is working for his own ruling, which I hope will never happens and she will be destroyed.

P.S. Mr. Nedaee, the late father of Fereydoun Nedaee, has passed away now.

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