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Mother of Fereydoun Nedayee’s letter to the Prime Minister of Albania

Fereydoun Nedaei mum

Ms. Roghayeh Farazian Fard Kohan, the mother of Fereydoun Nedayi, a member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) in Albania, has written and sent a letter to the Albanian Prime Minister, who is in charge of the MEK in Albania, about obstacles to contact with her son.

Nedaei mum

Fereydoun Nedayi’s mum in front of the MEK Camp gates in Iraq

The text of the letter is as follows:

Mr. Edi Rama
Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania
With respect

I am Roghayeh Farazian Fard Kohan, the elderly mother of Fereydoun Nedayi. My son went to military services in the army in Iran in 1979 and was captured by Iraqi forces on the battlefield in 1980. He was held captive in Iraqi POW camps for eight years. In 1988, a ceasefire was established between Iran and Iraq, but the Iraqi government refused to return prisoners of war. A year later, in 1989, the situation in the POW camp was deliberately worsened, and then the MEK entered and talked to the POWs and took some of them to Camp Ashraf with the promise of sending them to Europe. They were unaware that they would experience captivity in a different way.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, I approached to Camp Ashraf many times and begged to meet with my son, but unfortunately, the MEK officials not only prevented me to visit my son, but greeted me with insults and stones.

I was happy after my son moved to Albania because I thought he would definitely be able to call me there. But then it became clear that members of the MEK were not allowed to communicate with their families there either.
I am a mother and I have the right to know the status of my son. I am extremely concerned about my son’s health, given the fact of spreading coronavirus disease and the death of a number of MEK members in the organization’s camp in Albania. Does my son’s phone call to his family hurt anyone? If Fereydoun’s elderly mother supposedly travels to Albania and meet with her son, will there be a breakdown in their task?

Mr. Edi Rama

You definitely have a family too. Can you be unaware of your children for so many years? I have not seen my son since 1980 and I have no news about his condition. Is forty years of separation and ignorance really a mother’s right? How long should I wait?

Fereydoun’s father has been bedridden for a long time now and is not in good condition. He only wants to call his son and asks me about Fereydoun every day, but I have no answer to give him. As a humanitarian action, I urge you to remove the barriers to communication with my son.

Thank you in advance for your efforts
Roghayeh Farazian Fard Kohan

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