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Ban on members’ marriage has led to genocide in the MEK camps

Mr. Karim Khan, Honorable Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Greetings and Regards,
We would like to inform you that we are from the families of members of the Mojahedin sect. Unfortunately, for many years, Maryam Rajavi has trapped our children in mental and physical captivity with the tools of violent repression and brainwashing, depriving them of the right to live and communicate with the free world. This sectarian group has been torturing our loved ones mentally and physically for decades in Iraq and now in Albania.

Mr. Karim Assad Ahmad khan

Mr. Karim Assad Ahmad khan; Honorable Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Maryam Rajavi and other key members of this inhumane group have created a new form of slavery in the Mojahedin camp. The practical ban on members’ marriage has led to genocide. There have been tears in our eyes for years so that we can visit our children for once. But Maryam Rajavi opposes this demand by violating moral principles. The crimes of the Mojahedin leaders against the disgruntled members are numerous, and our children are exposed to the dangerous thoughts of the leaders of this sect in order to be destroyed. While we fully support the complaints of the former members against the Mojahedin, you are asked to take serious measures to expedite the prosecution of Maryam Rajavi and other leaders of this evil group.
Thanks & Regards:

Families of members detained in Zanjan, Iran
1- Ghasemi 2- Jamaati 3- Sadeghi 4- Asadi 5- Kamyab 6- Parvizi- Afshar 8- Ghadimi 9- Soleimani 10- Mohebbi 11- Karami Afzal 12- Aziri13- Almasi 14- Mohammadi 15- Rahimi 16- Yeganeh Taromchi- 17 – Borji 18 – Saranjeh 19- Mohajer Samadi 21- Kalantari 22- Rahmani 23- Allah Verdi 24- Alishahi 25- Bigdeli 26- Molaei 27- Morsali 28- Bagheri 29- Daneshvar 30- Ghanbari31- Nemati 32- Zakeri

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