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The stories of nine women under the rule of Massoud Rajavi – Part One

Former member of the group writes of nine women of hundreds who were oppressed under the cult-like structure of the group.
Maryam Sanjabi who escaped the MEK’s notorious base, Camp Ashraf, in Iraq in 2011, recalls the stories of these women under the abusive ruling of the MEK authorities. In her recent article she writes of a large number of female members of the group who were under severe suppression in the group although they were allegedly members of the MEK’s so-called Elite council.

MEK women

Among the nine hundred women who have been taken as hostages by the Cult of Rajavi, I know at least a hundred who have been dissidents to the group,” Maryam Sanjabi writes. “As I and other former members have revealed, Mehri Musavi, Minoo Fathali, Zahra Feizbakhsh and Nasrin Ahmadi were killed under the order of Massoud Rajavi and by Mahvash Sepehri, Faezeh Mohabatkar and some other criminal commanders of the MEK.”
She specifically recounts the distressing cases of nine women out of those who left the group after it was relocated in Albania. “The Stories of some of these women were more complicated,” she writes. The names of these women are:

Maryam Nezamolmolki
Mahmanzar Sadr Ashrafi
Tahmineh Haji Verdikhani
Marina Seraj
Nastaran Rastgarpour
Batul Alavi Taleghani
Asefeh Jaafarzadeh
Maryam Torabi
Saeedeh Keyhani

What did Maryam Sanjabi witness about these women under the Cult of Rajavi? Read her testimonies below the name of each woman.

Maryam Nezamolmolki

Her brother, Hassan Nezamolmolki is an intelligence agent and a torturer of the Cult of Rajavi and his ex-wife, Nasrin Parsian was killed in an accident in the 1990s. Her brother’s son, named Siavash was kept in the camp too. The leaders of the cult took Siavash Nezamolmolki to Iraq; the orphaned unexperienced son was forced by the leaders to get involved in a clash with Iraqi security forces and eventually he was killed.

Maryam Nezamolmolki hated the MEK leader because they had victimized her nephew. She had realized the crimes of the group leaders so she did not want to stay in that hellish system. She expressed her complaints publicly and the criminal Rajavi did not allow her to leave. Under Rajavi’s regulations, candidates and members of the Elite Council would be sentenced to death in case of defecting. Thus, Maryam Nezam was imprisoned and kept under mental and physical pressure in Camp Ashraf.

Mahmanzar Sadr Ashrafi
She had worked in the central section of the MEK including Maryam and Massoud Rajavi’s offices. As an insider who had witnessed the acts of immorality and violations committed by the Rajavis, Mahmanzar bravely stood up to the immoralities and expressed her dissent to the group. She did not want to stay and keep on working with the group but in that dark era of residing in Iraq, asking for leaving the group had no answer except imprisonment and isolation. For years, Mahmanzar was kept in jail by the leaders of the Cult of Rajavi.

Tahmineh Haji Verdikhani
She was pretty more courageous than the others. She was often kept in a cell in the most distanced dormitories of Camp Ashraf. From time to time, she started shouting and insulting the Rajavis. So, she was always guarded by two people. She was never allowed to be alone. Tahmineh was in a terrible situation. She was under severe mental pressure, violence and humiliation. As I remember, she was under that horrific condition until the last day of her stay in the MEK.

Marina Seraj
Her story is similar to other female dissidents inside the MEK. She was imprisoned in a place in Camp Ashraf. She was not allowed to leave the place. She was constantly being injected with powerful sedative drugs. The criminal female commanders of the cult such as Faezeh Mohabatkar irritated the wretched woman so much that her eyebrows and hair turned white although she was too young. Marina looked like an old woman as the result of too much mental pressure. She had turned into a dissociable abnormal woman. Zahra Mirbagheri (another former member of the MEK) has also written her testimonies about Marina.

To be continued
Translated by Nejat Society

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