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The MEK failure in struggle leads to labeling critics as IRI’s agents

These three people are labeled as agents of the Intelligence Ministry of the Iranian government by the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK):
Parviz Heidarzadeh, a former member of the MEK who left the group in 2016. He had been imprisoned by the MEK when he was a soldier in Iran-Iraq war, in 1987. After he denounced the MEK, he lived a free life in Albania for 5 years. Finally, a few days ago, he returned to Iran to join his family after 35 years of separation.

Parviz Heidarzadeh to repatriate after 35 years

Parviz Heidarzadeh to repatriate after 35 years

Soraya Abdollahi, mother of Amir Aslan Hassanzadeh a member of the MEK. Her son was recruited by the MEK in Turkey. Soraya has been taking many legal actions in order to visit her son in the MEK. She was never allowed by the MEK to contact him in any forms. She is a member of Nejat Society and the head of an establishment formed by mothers of MEK members who seek to contact their children inside the Cult of Rajavi.

Soraya Abdollahi

Soraya Abdollahi

Amin Golmaryami, a former child soldier of the MEK who was made to sign a recruitment form to join the MEK’s army in Iraq when he was only 13 years old. He was a student in Germany before he was disappeared at school and turned out to receive military trainings in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. He and his brothers left their Mujahed family behind in the MEK when the group was relocated in Albania in 2015. He exposed facts on the abusive attitudes of the MEK commanders in an interview with a German newspaper in October 2021. His revelations encouraged other former MEK child soldiers speak out in Club House.

Amin Golmaryami ; The MEK former member

Amin Golmaryami

These three people are the icons of three groups who are accused by the MEK of working for the enemy, the Iranian government. What makes these three people to be the target of the MEK’s propaganda in the same way?
As a matter of fact, they all denounce the MEK and ask its leaders to be responsive to their critics. But the MEK leaders particularly Massoud Rajavi has never been open to critics. Moreover, critics who might later become defectors should be punished according to the rulings of Rajavi. No matter the defector is a forced recruit like Parviz and many others or a child soldier from Mujahed parents like Amin who were coerced to join the MEK’s army.

Pedram is Amin’s friend, a former child soldier of the MEK too. Speaking in Club House, he argues that the MEK has failed to win its struggle against the Iranian government so it has nothing to do except projecting its failures on to its critics even if they are their own children, from their own DNA. “What is the MEK doing in Albania now,” asks Pedram. “Absolutely nothing. Their army does nothing. The only thing they can do is to accuse us of being mercenaries. The MEK has to realize that all critics are not mercenaries. As a political movement, the MEK has to respond to its criticizers.”

Actually, Pedram is right but he fails to assert that the MEK is not a political movement. It is a destructive cult with the methodology of destructive cults. In all destructive cults around the world, you cannot question the guru. You are not allowed to leave the group; you are not allowed to contact your family and many other suppressive methods that the cult leaders use to keep members in.

Once a defector can manage to leave the Cult of Rajavi, he or she becomes a mercenary. Once a family member seeks to meet his or her loved one, he or she turns into the agent of the IRI.

Today, the MEK propaganda targets Nejat Society because it is the body to support families of MEK members. The group also endeavors to obstruct the activities of the newly established association for the support of the Iranians living in Albania, ASILA. And, it does not hesitate to accuse the MEK-born children of Mujahed parents who just seek to enlighten the public opinion about the threats of Rajavi’s destructive cult.
The face of every person under these three categories are circled in red, captioned as agents of the Iranian intelligence by the propaganda machine of the Cult of Rajavi.

Mazda Parsi

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