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Failure of Warmongers in Using the MKO

Those who dictated their own plan to George Bush to attack Iraq, which has created current scandalous situation for the US administration, thought this war could lead to other victories for US Empire in the Middle East. They though after appointing a puppet government in Iraq, they would be able to expand the boundaries of their Empire to the whole region!

Warmongers repeatedly said that after Iraq, it would be Iran’s turn; therefore, immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein, they employed the gang of Rajavi and tasked them with running checkpoints in Dyalah province.

Hiring the gang of Rajavi was the costliest program of warmongers in comparison with previous efforts of Pentagonists in using mercenary groups (like the MKO). That was because from the beginning, the plan faced wide opposition from the public opinion, different agencies in the US and Iraq so that they had to withdraw.

The opposition of Iraqi people and government was less important for the Neocons, who looked at them as the residents of their colonies. However, very soon, they understood that this opposition was serious so that, despite the expressed policies of the US, Paul Bremer had to veto the decision of Iraqi Governing Council on the MKO.

The failures of the warmongers continued and the MKO remained on US terror list after interviews and investigations on MKO members (in Camp Ashraf) were conducted by the State Department and the FBI. In addition, the investigation helped the US administration to find that the NCRI was only a cover for the MKO and Colin Powel, former US Secretary of State, shut down the office of NCRI and added it to the list of terrorist organizations. This was a legal obstacle for the Pentagon that was going to take advantage of the MKO in Iraq.

Warmongers discussed the issue of MKO with different parties and individuals in Iraq but there was no sign of cooperation with this group and the plans of Pentagon. Warmongers realized how hateful this group is. After this, they gave guidelines to the remnants of Rajavi to collect signatures and build fake parties as their supporters in Iraq in order to find a way out of crisis. Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesperson announced officially that the MKO members were detained in Camp Ashraf and that they would remain there until their fate is determined.

Reports indicate that the warmongers have quit the idea of using the MKO; they have even told the MKO that the efforts of this group to get refugee status in and out of Iraq have been futile and that the efforts to guarantee illegal presence of this group in Iraq have failed.

So, the will of Iraqi people and government has been victorious in its struggle with the desires of warmongers and occupiers. Although the process of expulsion of MKO members may take a bit longer, the policies of warmongers won’t help them at all.

Irandidban – 2006/09/27

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