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The Albania based MEK and threat of clandestine trafficking

The handcuffing for drug trafficking and human trafficking, made by the Albanian police to the two senior commanders of the Iranian mujahedeen sheltered in Manza (Durrës), unfortunately did not stop the former MEK terrorists locked in Camp Ashraf 3 Manza. ( Https : //exit.al/en/2021/12/05/iranian-exiles-in-albania-arrested-for-drug-trafficking-and-human-smuggling/ ).

The intervention of American diplomats in Tirana before the Albanian judiciary to close this affair of the MEK with drugs and trafficking in human beings, apparently served the MEK as an incentive to continue the profitable trafficking of human beings. For more, you can consult the public statement of the prominent analyst Andi Bushati.

I learned from my fellow Greek journalists that the Attica Prefecture police as well as EKAM (Greek special anti-terror police) were very alarmed when they learned from operational sources that the former terrorist organization MEK based in a camp near Durrës trafficked two members of the organization from Albania to Greece years ago.

It is about MEHDI MAZLOOMI and BAHMAN RAHIMI. The Greeks, given the proverb that the leopard cannot change the fur stamps (the wolf changes the hair, but does not forget the habit) fear the participation of these two mujahideen in terrorist acts in the territory of the Hellenic Republic or the use of this territory to undertake terrorist acts in other EU countries or in allied countries of Greece (NATO member countries).

According to Greek journalists, these 2 members of a former terrorist organization are trying to contact structured Afghan criminal gangs in Athens to obtain forged European identification documents. Greek colleagues had only one photo of many years ago of Mehdi Mazloomi, with his mother. This photo is attached to my post for illustration.

Mehdi Mazlumi and his mother

Mehdi Mazlumi and his mother

The continuation of trafficking by MEK members and commanders in Albania opens additional troubles for my Homeland and creates problems with the EU and NATO allies. As a journalist, but also as an Albanian patriot, I call on the director of the State Police, Mr. Gledis Nano (former director of anti-terrorism), to urgently verify, whether the above two persons are still in Camp Ashraf in Manez, or have cracked the thorn and Greek journalists are right, who give the alarm for trafficking in human beings (active members of a former terrorist organizations)?

Such verification is not difficult at all, because during the dictatorship even the chickens of agricultural cooperatives had inventory. I believe that the Albanian police has an exact “inventory” of how many and who are the MEKs housed in Ashraf 3, so it is easy to find out if the two above-mentioned are still in Camp Ashraf 3 or ……

As an American philanthropist, I publicly ask DCM Demian Smith at the US Embassy in Tirana, to exercise all his influence with the good intention, that the Rajavi Cult stop any openly illegal activity that takes place in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

I am absolutely sure that such an action by DCM Smith would serve to strengthen the excellent Albanian-American relations. After all, the English proverb also applies to us Albanians: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Now Albania really needs the Rajavi Cult to put an end to all the evil activities that it develops in the Albanian land, abusing the generosity and hospitality of the Albanians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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