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Ahmad Rezaei’s family want to visit him in Albania

Brother of Ahmad Rezaei

Mr. Alireza Rezaei, brother of Ahmad Rezaei member of the MEK in Albania, said in an interview with Nejat Society correspondent:

I am Alireza Rezaei, the brother of Ahmad Rezaei, who is enslaved at the Rajavi Cult camp. My brother was a prisoner of Iran-Iraq war. He was at the Baath prisons for 10 years. My brother was then deceived by the MEK elements into joining the organization. He is captivated at the Cult camps now for about 30 years. I know that members of the MEK are under mental and physical pressures.

Brother of Ahmad Rezaei

Brother of Ahmad Rezaei; MEK member captivated at Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania

During the years that the cult camps were at Iraq, we traveled there to visit Ahmad.
However, we were not allowed to visit him. On the contrary, the cult elements received us with stones and insults. They didn’t inform my brother about our presence at the Camp gates and our request to visit him.
I call on the officials of the Albanian government, as well as the European Union and human rights bodies to facilitate our travel to Albania in order to visit my dear brother after 40 years of being far apart.

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