Ramin Abdollahi’s family ask to visit him in MEK camp in Albania

I am the mother of Ramin Abdollahi, known as Pari Shohrati. I have not heard from my son for more than 17 years, and only through some people who had separated from the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) have I been able to find out that my Ramin is also there.

Ramin Abdollahi's mother

Despite of many communications that I had with the international bodies, I was unable to contact my son due to the dismissal of the leaders of the MEK.

Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania,
I, as a heartbroken mother, ask you and all the officials of the Government of Albania to accelerate the conditions and help me visit my dear son even just for a few seconds.
Thank you in advance for taking steps to respect human rights.

I also have a message for my son that I would like him to receive:
“Ramin, my dear son, Ramin Abdollahi, I haven’t been able to hear your voice or see your face for years and I long to hug you.”

Pari Shohrati, mother of Ramin Abdollahi a member of the MEK


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