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The worst experience of being an MEK member

“I saw my mother and brother over the fences of Ashraf but I did not bat an eyelid”, Musa Jaberifar, MEK defector said.
Defectors of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization have so many times testified about the many examples of human rights violations committed by leaders of the group against their own members. The cases of violations include intimidation, humiliation, peer pressure, solitary confinement, physical and mental torture and even death.
However, the experience of Musa Jaberifar and many other MEK members might be considered as one of the worst memoirs of members of destructive cults like the Cult of Rajavi. These unpleasant experiences belong to those who found the chance to see their families on the other side of the walls of Camp Ashraf in Iraq but they were not allowed to meet them. Families used to picket in front of the gates of Ashraf in Iraq calling on their beloved children who were taken as hostages behind the bars of the cult.

Musa Jaberifar

Musa Jaberifar

Musa Jaberifar who has recently declared his total defection form the MEK writes this memoir as evidence for the inhuman experience he endured in his 13 years of membership in the MEK’s manipulative system:
“When we were in Ashraf, one day I was on guard post in one of the sides of Ashraf prison, I noticed my mother and brother who had come to visit me, behind the barbed wires around Ashraf. They were not allowed to enter Ashraf and I was not told that my family were there. I saw them accidently but as I was so frightened of the authorities and their humiliating sessions to oppress members, I did not bat an eyelid.”

Musa ignored his mother and brother while he had not seen them for years and he had definitely missed them. He had left them to immigrate to Greece but he turned out to be imprisoned in the MEK’s headquarters in Iraq. Nevertheless, ignoring his mother and brother was not enough for the cult authorities. His commander summoned him. He continues:

“After finishing my job, the authorities took me to the unit’s commander, a woman named Sheida. She said, ‘I called on you to tell me about your problems. We can talk about it and solve it.’ But I was afraid and already knew that if I said anything they would use it against me in their humiliating sessions. They might even label me with further accusations. So, I said, ‘No. I have no problem and every thing is OK.’ They did not say anything about my family’s coming to Ashraf.”

This was a brief account of the suppressive atmosphere ruling the Cult of Rajvai. There are a lot of similar experiences exposed in the testimonies of defectors of the cult.

Gholam Ali Mirzaei

Gholam Ali Mirzaei

Gholam Mirzai was forced to speak in the MEK’s TV cannel to announce his hatred against his family who had come to Camp Ashraf to visit him. Years later, he could manage to leave the group and join his family in Iran after 40 years of separation.

Sasani Families

Ms. Akafian – Ali sasani’s mother

Mohammad Ali Sasani is still in the MEK. His mother Mahnaz Akafian recalls how MEK members were forced to shout at their parents because they had come to Ashraf to visit them. At the time, she realized that his son did not come to visit him because he did not want to be rude to them.
This is the truth of People’s Mujahedin of Iran. It is a destructive cult that coerces members to ignore, insult and accuse their own parents only because they miss their children.

By Mazda Parsi

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