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MEK Contacts Detained in Karbala

Police spokesman in Karbala announced that police forces in the province have arrested 3 men in connection with MEK who carried documents on political and religious figures of Karbala.

According to AFP, Rahman Mashavi, police spokesman in Karbala, said that they were arrested after police received intelligence on their entrance to the city in Al-Husseinieh area, 20 Km north of the city.

The spokesman didn’t reveal the identity of these three men. "Searching the detainees, police found documents on Karbala’s political and religious figures; the documents relate them to the group of Mojahedin-e khalq," he added.

Mashavi said: "The three are being interrogated in order for identifying their supporters."

According to the report, Iraqi government has accused the MEK of interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs and has asked its members to either return to Iran or to another country




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