Amir Parvizi’s family call on the Albanian prime minister for help

Amir is in danger in the MEK

According to the sources in Albania, Amir Parvizi’s attempt to escape the Mujahedin-e Khalq was obstructed by the group’s fraudulent collaboration with Albanian Police. His family from Zanjan, Iran took action to protest against the MEK’s suppressive attitude against Amir.

Amir Parvizi who wanted to flee the group under the cover of a doctor’s appointment in a hospital in Tirana was arrested by the Albanian Police and handed over to the MEK. The MEK commanders have forged documents to convince the police that Amir suffers mental disorder.

Amir Parvizi
Amir Parvizi

Amir’s family are seriously concerned about his life-threatening condition. His brother has published a video message asking the Albanian Prime Minister to immediately intervene in the case of Amir. He stated that the Albanian government is responsible for the consequences of the MEK’s inhumane attitude toward Amir.
Amir Parvizi joined the MEK in Iraq, in 2006 when he was 26 years old. He has not been allowed to leave the group until now that he is 43.

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