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Letter of Amir Parvizi’s Family to the Albanian Interior Minister

Mr. Bledar Çuçi

Minister of the Interior of the Government of the Republic of Albania


About 2 months ago, Amir Parvizi, a member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) decided to escape the group’s camp in Albania in order to save his life. Unfortunately, due to the cooperation of Maryam Rajavi with the Albanian police, he was forced to return to the camp against his will.

As Amir’s family, we have requested for an immediate meeting with Amir Parvizi through numerous letters that we have written to the Prime Minister and other human rights organizations of Albania. Unfortunately, no responses have been given by the Albanian government.

Amir Parvizi

Amir Parvizi

You should be informed that Maryam Rajavi has created a separate monarchy in your country to dominate the internal members. This is threatening the social, political and civil security of your country. Massoud Rajavi has recently ordered his operatives in the camp known as Ashraf 3 to prevent the families of his cult members from entering Albania at any cost.

They have established a 24-hour patrol at the MEK headquarters to prevent more members from escaping. Due to the escape of Amir Parvizi and his illegal extradition to the MEK camp, his life is in serious danger. You should also know that one of the disaffected members has committed suicide lately because of the increasing pressure on the rank and file inside the camp. Due to the unhealthy relations with the MEK, the Albanian police refused to follow up.

Dear Mr. Çuçi
As the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Albania, we inform you that the Albanian government is directly responsible for the life of Amir Parvizi, and if something happens to Amir, you will be responsible. Don’t forget that Maryam Rajavi was convicted of committing a crime against humanity by the 55th Branch of the International Court of Tehran based on the testimonies of a large number of defectors. She is under arrest warrant by the Iranian court and the case has been referred to The Hague Court, the Council of European Union, the United Nations, the French Ministry of Justice France and the Albanian Ministry of Justice.
Therefore, any cooperation with this dangerous group will have legal consequences. Please issue appropriate orders as soon as possible to prevent mental and physical injuries to the members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq, including Amir Parvizi.

Amir Parvizi family of Amir Parvizi, Zanjan, Iran

Copies to:
– Prime Minister of Albania
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania
– Secretary General of the United Nations
– Supreme Council of Europe
– United Nations Human Rights Watch
– Head of the European Union’s foreign policy

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