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Maryam Rajavi sends her thugs to attack a book fair in the city of Durres

Agents of Maryam Rajavi attacked a book fair in Albania. The book fair which has been set up in the garden of Hotel Arvi, Durres, Albania was attacked on 17 August 2022 by several members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK/ MKO/ Cult of Rajavi). Their target was a stand run by the publication of ASILA, Association for the support of the Iranians Living in Albania.

“Maryam Rajavi has sent her #FreeIran2022 thugs in cities of Albania to attacks cultural events,” according to the Albanian news agency, Gazeta Impact. “The mujahedin attacked and threw on the ground the Quran, the book of Karbala etc. The mujahedin were later detained by Albanian police.”

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Interviewing Dr. Ggergji Thanasi, the journalist, university lecturer and an Albanian member of ASILA, Euronews Albania reported, “Journalist Gjergji Thanasi was part of the incident that happened at the Summer Book Fair in Durrës on Wednesday afternoon, where a group of mujahedin protested and demanded the removal of the stand set up by him.”

Euronews Albania states that ASILA has been registered in the court as an Albanian NGO so it is a legal entity. “Having Participated in the Durrës fair, we took advantage of this opportunity for a modest stand with 5 books,” Thanasi says. “In the morning, I was drinking coffee when a group of mujahedin together with an Albanian who claimed to be the chief of security in Manza, asked me to leave.”

In the afternoon, everything was fine, the first visitors to the fair began to arrive when the MEK agents attacked the fair, with placards in their hands. They were gathered in front of the “Asila” association stand, based on Thanasi’s testimonies.

Agents of the MEK who are located in their notorious camp Ashraf 3 in Manza of Durrës, were equipped with banners demanding the closure of the Iranian stands. The coerced MEK agents turned their apparent protest into a largescale clash after they attacked the stands. Tearing the Albanian flag and ASILA posters, they threw books on the ground.

The numerous Albanian police forces prevented them from clashing with the Iranian book stand managers including some former members of the MEK. Ultimately, dozens of MEK agents were detained and escorted outside the fair in Police cars.

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