Albanian Citizens protest against Illegal detention of ASILA members

Hassan Heyrani

Following the detention of six members of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA), the friends and families of the detainees started petitions in the Albanian immigration and border department. Margarita Ballco, the wife of Hassan Heirani, the Iranian head of ASILA wrote a letter to the chief commissioner Ferdinand Gjeta, the acting director of the local border and migration Directorate in Kuk, Albania.

The response of commissioner Gjeta to Mrs. Ballco faced protest by the Albanian members of ASILA association including Olsi Jazexhi, Gjergji Thanasi. The letter which was posted on Jazexhi’s Facebook account is as it follows:
In a letter that Chief Commissioner Ferdinand Gjeta replied to Margarita Ballco, Hasan’s wife, Commissioner Fredi makes several mistakes. First, he calls Hasan a citizen – at a time when Hasan, like the other Mujahideen, are stateless people. They are political asylum seekers in Albania.

Secod, Hasan Heyrani is not an Iranian citizen. He is a stateless asylum seeker.
Commissioner Ferdi in his letter shows that Hasan and his friends, repentant people who have abandoned the violent Mujahedin jihadis, were taken illegally, their asylum status granted to them by the UNHCR and the Albanian state was ignored, and they were locked up in Karrec as a threat to public safety.

Commissioner Ferdi says that the detention of Hasan and other Iranian men was ordered by Edi Rame’s Minister of the Interior, Bledi Cuci.

]llegal, criminal ban that violates Albanian and international laws. The Interior Minister of the Renaissance government has sided with Maryam Rajavi and the Mujahedin-e Khalq army in persecuting Iranians who reject violent jihad and terrorism.
Albanian wives of Iranians must continue the legal battle with Edi Rama’s Minister of Interior, for this criminal act he did to them.

Signed by Olsi Jazexhi, Gjergji Thanasi and ten other Albanian citizens


The response of commissioner Gjeta to Mrs. Ballco

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