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Hassan Heyrani to send a statement from Karreç detention center

Hassan Heyrani on hunger strike

“ASILA is a light of hope for hostages of Rajavi’s prison while having a normal life and family in Albania is poisonous for the Cult of Rajavi”. This is the hook of the statement written by Hassan Heyrani, the Iranian director of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA).

Hassan Heyrani and five other members of ASILA, all former members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq have been detained in Karreç detention center, Albania, since one and a half months ago despite owning legal residence permit cards.
“The democratic government of Albania has illegally detained us without being accused of any charge,” Heyrani writes. “The inquiries made by ASILA officials, our lawyers and our wives have been left unanswered by the Albanian authorities.”

Hassan Heirani on hunger strike

Hassan Heirani

Heyrani asserts that the officials’ lack of attention to their conditions in the detention center is caused by a corrupted system that has been bought by the MEK leaders. In fact, the only response to the inquiries made by his wife and her family was by the side of commissioner Ferdinant Gjeta, the acting director of the local border and migration directorate in Kuke, Albania. “After many visits to the immigration office, my wife finally received a letter signed by Ferdinant Gjeta in which he admits that Hassan Heyrani has no legal problem and his detention has been done under the direct order of the Albanian Interior Minister.”

“It is a shame that a European, allegedly democratic country imprisons people without taking any judiciary process including the judge’s ruling and without expressing any accusation,” he continues.
The most recent incident regarding their detention seems to be appalling and irrational. “I should inform you that two plainclothesmen have come over to the wife of one of the detained members and told her why she, as an Albanian woman, had married an Iranian saying that she would have no future with him!”

According to Heyrani’s statement, the two plainclothesmen had persuaded that woman to divorce from her Iranian husband! Heyrani suggests that this “evil” act must have been backed by the MEK.

He states, “Rajavi has come to know that after one and a half months of imprisonment, the detained members will not give up and will not surrender to the MEK’s treasonous nature so she began to intimidate their wives…Rajavi has the illusion that these devilish acts are part of her so-called relentless struggle against the Islamic Republic but it is clear that these heinous acts and political crimes of the Cult of Rajavi reveals the truth behind its revolutionary face.”

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