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Message of Parents of Asghar Baba Ali to their son in the MEK

Asghar Baba Ali's parents

Parents of Ali Asghar Baba Ali sent a video message to their son taken as a hostage in the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/ PMOI). Asghar’s mother Batul Bobetam and his father Ali Akbar Babai asked their beloved son to contact the after 34 years.

Ali Asghar Baba Ali was a young soldier serving the last days of his army service when he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraq forces during Iran-Iraq war, in 1988. He was deceived to join the MEK by the group recruiters a while before the POWs were exchanged between the two countries.

Asghar Baba Ali's parents

Asghar Baba Ali’s parents

In their recent video message, Asghar’s parents tell him how much they love him and miss him. They ask him to call them and let them know about his conditions. “We are looking forward to see you,” his mother says. “Why don’t you call us? Mobiles are available everywhere.”

Ashghar’s family have so far written several letters to the International human rights bodies demanding for an opportunity to be able to contact him since the MEK leaders do not allow him to contact his family. They also publish video messages and open letters on Nejat Society website addressing Asghar in the hope that he will see them someday.

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