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On MKO Terrorists’ Message of Condolence

On April 16, I came across a message from Mohammad Mohaddessin, known as the chair of Mojahedin-e-Khalq’s Foreign Affairs Committee, on the passing away of Paul Leventhal, President of the Nuclear Control Institute. In the message, he conveyed his profound condolences, on behalf of his group, “to the family of Mr. Paul Leventhal and to all those in the United States who support the cause of peace, human rights, and democratic change in Iran”.

He referred to Mr. Leventhal as a “longtime supporter of the Iranian Resistance with a remarkable background in fight against the threat of nuclear weapons”. It was so surprising to learn, as claimed by Mojahedin, that a man among the first leading specialists and scholars in the United States had risen in defense of a terrorist group blacklisted by the US State Department notwithstanding he had mentioned the group as the source of bringing the Iranian nuclear program to light. The IAEA and the international community hardly follow up on information revealed by Mojahedin-e-Khalq since their accuracy are under question and such acts of disclosure are regarded much as a propaganda blitz in the gain political legitimacy.

Dismissed from Iran’s political scene following the Islamic revolution because of their extremely violent views in struggle against imperialism and the US specifically, Mojahedin under the leadership of Massoud Rajavi resurfaced in Europe and then settled in Iraq. Its forces allegedly took part in Saddam’s war against Iran and especially the suppression of the Kurd and Shi’it insurgencies. The group was openly supported and maintained in Iraq by Saddam up to the American invasion. Most Iranians judge Mojahedin-e Khalq as a hypocrite, anti-national organization regardless of its advertises to be a pro-democratic representative of Iranian people.

After the American invasion, the military encampment of the group was sealed off by the Americans and partially disarmed, but never destroyed. It is alleged that the Americans are now using persons from the camp to infiltrate Iran to perform what they are not themselves legally permitted to indulge.

In the 1990s, the organization was totally dominated by the Rajavis, Massoud and his third wife Maryam. The husband elevated the wife to a divine status and she was appointed as “president-in-exile” of Iran in 1993. She is to serve as President until elections are held following the overthrow of the Iranian regime. Thus, the Rajavis transformed the group into a cult with a totalitarian cultist center, Camp Ashraf, wherein the male and female members, reported to be more that 3,000, live apart, and most personal decisions are made by the leadership.

No criticisms of the Rajavis or their decisions are allowed and regular self-criticism sessions are held and taped. Discussants are expected to confess their sexual desires and other personal feelings as well as private affairs and even dreams and day-dreams. Informants are everywhere and “traitors” are sharply reprimanded.

Even many Iranian opposition overseas have a negative descriptions of the Mojahedin. The American Department of State and many other foreign services see the group as a dangerous far left terrorist group with no real commitment to human rights or democracy. I believe that expression of condolence on somebody’s death by an opportunist terrorist group cannot necessarily mean that he has been an advocate of terrorists, especially when he cannot defend himself anymore.


Mailed by D. Roshana – Mojahedin.ws – April 19, 2007

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