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A Message Addressed to Terrorists

MKO is one of the thirty organizations first designated and put on the US’s FTO list
Mojahedin Khalq Organizatio, MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCR, NLA, is one of the thirty organizations first designated and put on the US’s FTO list in October 1997. Majority of the groups on the list have since been redesignated for sound reasons based on the groups’ history of terrorist atrocities and the previous secretaries of the State put any review of their status out of the question. But it seems that Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s sensibility is bending under the pressure of a number of the terrorist group’s influenced bi-partisans.

Addressing US lawmakers, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sent the terrorist group a strong signal stating; “Given the ongoing efforts to relocate the residents, MEK cooperation in the successful and peaceful closure of Camp Ashraf, the MEK’s main paramilitary base, will be a key factor in any decision regarding the MEK’s FTO status”.

The truth is that, despite claims of MKO that its first designation was the outcome of a political decision, Americans know well that even if it was a politically-purposeful decision, it was not actually a wrong decision. But it should be reminded that America’s first serious stance against MKO goes back to years before 1997, when the State Department prepared a special and unclassified report on MKO at the request of the US Congress.

Despite the report provoked an angry reaction from the group at the time, MKO never tried to contest the charges at the time as a political decision. Rather, they considered the decision the outcome of an inappropriate, weak research and disregarding the right of the organization to defend itself against the charges. Now more than 24 years after the State Department’s first position, the US seems to have taken a different turn for certain reasons. You can well notice this interest-seeking turn in the speeches of the former senators and ex-security experts talking in behalf of MKO.

Is it a new definition of war against terrorism, or loss of logic, or anything else, one thing is for certain; neither Mrs. Clinton nor advocates of terrorists can ever change the nature of terrorists by some encouraging and promising words even if they do not really mean what they say.

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