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MKO’s Demands Addressed to The US Administration

Rajavi becomes bold to address the US Administration directly to impose demands

MKO’s self-appointed leader, Maryam Rajavi, announced on 17 August that “As a gesture of goodwill, the residents of Ashraf will commence the 6th convoy of 400 residents from Camp MKO’s Demands Addressed to The US AdministrationAshraf to Camp Liberty on August 23”.

Of course, she has been either assured of some promises or expects to see the already offered encouraging gesture of the State Department that considers cooperation in relocation as a key factor in determining whether the group remains on FTO list actually accomplished. That is what has made her bold enough to address the US Administration directly to impose demands as follows:

The residents anticipate and expect that the completion of convoy 6 will be followed by a public statement by the United States Government that recognizes the cooperation of the Ashraf residents and reiterates continued U.S. commitment to:

(i) the approach on FTO designation and delisting outlined by Secretary Clinton on February 29, 2012, recognizing that the decision of US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit requires the Secretary of State to make a determination regarding the FTO designation of the PMOI (MeK) by October 1, 2012;

(ii) a real effort to resolve the remaining humanitarian issues at Liberty that materially affect the daily lives of the residents, including sustainable mechanisms to provide water and electricity; and

(iii) support the safety and security of the residents until they relocate to third countries outside of Iraq, in mindfulness of the fact that this universally desired outcome cannot happen expeditiously without delisting.

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