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MKO Crisis Mongering in Syria

While the ongoing Syrian civil war faces the most serious phases, the news media report of the intervention of terrorist group in the battle against Syrian government. As the international community apparently makes efforts to open peace talks between Assad government and the opposition, members of terrorist groups like Mujahedin Khalq Organization are mobilized to Syrian borders to join the opposition forces.
On August12, 2012 PressTV quoted an unnamed Syrian security official that five MKO members were arrested as they attempted to enter Syria. [1]
A few months earlier on May29, PressTV had also reported that the MKO was organizing operations in Syrian territory. PressTV quotes Mohamamd Javad Hasheminejad the director of Habilian Association – data base of 17000 terror victims in Iran- as saying, ”we have conclusive proof and documents showing that the MKO has a strong and significant presence in Syria.”[2]
The MKO acts as a mediator to funnel arms and money to Syrian armed opposition, according to Mr. Hasheminejad. [3]
Syrian officials warned about MKO’s training of terrorists in Turkey as well as the semi-antonymous Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq. [4]
In his famous article in New Yorker,”Our Men in Iran”, Seymour Hersh reported of an MKO training Camp in Nevada, America. Hersh spoke to various sources to verify his allegations for instance he writes of a senior Pentagon consultant who explained how the MKO got so much efficient for the West. ”Part of it is the training in Nevada. Part of it is logistical support in Kurdistan, and Part of it is in Iran,” he told Hersh. [5]
There are other reports on US-MKO-Kurds relations.
In the early August, Habilian reported of a meeting between a number of US and Turkish officers and some high ranking members of the MKO. The report cites from an Iraqi security source that the meeting decreed that Peshmarga forces transfer a number of MKO elements from Iraq to Turkey and then to the northern parts of Syria in order for these anti-Iran terrorists to join the so-called Free Syrian Army. [6]
Some areas in Iraqi Kurdistan have been turned into military bases to train armed groups fighting Syrian government, according to Arabic language Ur News Agency. [7]
Reportedly the MKO is not the only terrorist group which is activated in Syria to oppose Assad’s regime. “The most shocking development to come out of the conflict in Syria is that Washington is openly supporting Al-Qaida, militarilly, financially and politically,” writes Saman Mohammadi of the Excavator.[8]
Mohammadi also points out Toney Cartalucci’s article in which he writes of a Libyan terrorist group that is paid by the UK government to join Syrian Opposition. [9]
“Washington’s support for MeK terrorism against Iran and Al-Qaida terrorism against Syrian cannot be legally, morally and politically defended,” Mohammadi asserts.[10]
Terrorist groups including Al-Qaida and the MKO are notoriously known opportunists who lie in wait to fan a spark of division and crisis into fire.
Mazda Parsi

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