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MKO Condolence Going to a Killed Supporter

The war-torn Iraq is the scene of many terrorist activities that perishes the innocent Iraqi people daily. On April 12, 2007, al-Qaeda accepted the responsibility of a terrorist bombing at the Iraqi parliament that is reported to have killed eight and injured more that twenty.

The operation was resented and condemned by the majority of the Iraqi factions and all those that see terrorism a threat against humanity and believe that a stabilized Iraq is possible only if a joint move is made to uproot the terrorists in Iraq.

Being a proscribed terrorist group that its existence depends on a continuation of disorder in Iraq, MKO was among the last ones to condemn the bombing. The only position the group took, before condemning the move, was its she-guru’s expression of condolences on the Iraqi MP Mohammad Hossein Awadh’s death that was killed in the bombing.

Maryam Rajavi’s condolences is an expression of a great regret at losing an advocate among the Iraqi Parliamentarians rather than condemning a terrorist move that caused the death of some other parliamentarians besides Mr. Awadh. As she referred to in her message of condolence, he strongly defended “the presence of Mojahedin in Iraq and their rights for political asylum as an essential foundation for democracy in Iraq”.

Mojahedin.ws –  16/04/2007

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