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MKO Supporter Mocked in UK Parliament

A Lord Member of Parliament in Britain, who called on all western countries to provide their all-out support for the terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e khalq to topple the Iranian regime, was mocked by other MPs.

According to IRNA’s correspondent from UK Parliament, Lord Archer was grilled on the issue of Iran by the members of the House of Common’s Commission of Foreign Relations.

Lord Archer, 70, is one of the major well-known supporters of the MKO in the UK. "I have no documents indicating that MKO is involved in violent terrorist activities and I believe it’s the work of Iranian regime’s propaganda," he said.

What caused the laughter of MPs and others in the parliament was the following comment by Archer: "I really don’t know the reason of Iraqi’s enmity with the MKO and I couldn’t find a reason for that!"

This supporter of MKO said "MKO’s cooperation with Saddam’s regime in suppressing Iraqi Kurds" was an unproved claim and "a rumor by the MKO’s enemies"!

He also claimed that "in a historical move, more than 5 million Iraqis signed a petition in favor of MKO against the Islamic Republic!", which was also mocked by the MPs.

In an odd response, he said: "Iraqi government stands the presence of MKO in Iraq"!

In the end, he inevitably admitted that most of his intelligence on Iran comes from MKO sources.


IRNA, June 8, 2007

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