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The letter of Samaneh Noori to his father in the MEK

Hamid Reza Noori has been taken as a hostage by the Mujahedin-e Khalq

for over 30 years. His family have been looking forward to contact him in all these years. They have sent petitions to the international human rights bodies in order to demand his liberation from the MEK.
They have also published several open letters in the hope that Hamid Reza will read them some day. Being stuck in the cult-like MEK, Hamid Reza has never been allowed by the group leaders to contact his family. This is the latest letter to Hamid Reza written by his daughter Somayeh who is 34 years old.

My Dear father,
I hope you are doing well. I have so far sent you several letters but you have never responded.

My beloved father,
I miss you so much. When ever I miss you, I begin writing a few words to you. I have never felt you as a father. When I was a kid and a primary school student, I would see the fathers of my classmates who dropped them at school. I always envied them wondering where my father is. In your absence, I grew up with so much regret.
I have already told you in my previous letters that I am married and have two children. I show your photo to my kids; they become happy to see you and ask when grandpa will to come over? I have no clear answer to give them. I just tell them to be patient. “Grandpa will come,” I tell them.

Dear father,
I ask you to release yourself from the Mujahedin-e Khalq and get back to your family. We are here waiting for you with open arms.
Your daughter, Samaneh

Samaneh Nuri - Hamidreza Nuri's daughter

Samaneh Noori and her father Hamidreza Noori; hostage of the MEK

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