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A Letter to my father after 33 years

Seyyed Vali Mohammadzade

Letter of Morteza Valizade to his father; Seyyed Vali Mohammadzade who is taken hostage at the MEK Camp in Albania.

My beloved dad, I wish to say greetings to you after thirty-three years of being far away from each other.
The last time I saw you, I was a two-year old kid. I have no image of you in my mind except the photo I saw on the MEK cult website.

Seyyed Vali Mohammadzade

Seyyed Vali Mohammadzade, hostage of MEK cult

I am Morteza; your son. I grew up in loneliness and without the support of my father. Why did the MEK cult leaders separated us?!

Mojtaba Mohammadzade

I am still hopeful to see you and hug you once more. I love you my dear dad. I am waiting for you.
Your son, Morteza

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