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Mostafa Beheshti’s testimony on sexual harassment in the MEK

Mostafa Beheshti

Mostafa Beheshti former member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq testified that he was sexually harassed when he was a member of the group.
It can be hard to talk about an experience with sexual harassment. Sexual abuse takes away dignity and self-confidence and sometimes a victim may not speak up for years due to the mental trauma. However, two years after defection from the MEK, Mostafa spoke out on his Facebook account.

Mostafa Beheshti

Mostafa Beheshti

Mostaf Beheshti who is now a member of the Association for the support of Iranians Living Albania (ASILA) tries hard to reveal facts on the true nature of the MEK by posting his memoirs in his social media accounts. This time he revealed his untold story of being sexually harassed by a Mujahed nurse in the clinic of Camp Ashraf.

“I went to the camp’s clinic because of asthma,” Mostafa writes. “I talked to the nurse about my problem. He told me to lie down on the bed and take of my pants so that he can examine. He then locked the door.”

Mostafa wondered why he was told to take his pants off while Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the airways of lungs. He asked about it. “Your body need Oxygen!” he was answered by the nurse.

The nurse brought him a pill and a glass of water. “Take it to get better,” he said. After taking the pill, Mostafa felt lethargic and fell asleep. He recounts, “After 20 minutes, I woke up I saw the nurse touching my penis. Being so shocked I told him ‘What are you doing with me!?’”

“The nurse was scared,” Mostafa continues. “He asked me not to tell the authorities.” However, Mostafa went to his direct higher rank and told him. The man got upset but he took no action.

Mostafa’s direct supervisor told him, “If I tell the authorities about it, they will not accept. I have witnessed several cases like the one that happened to you but finally we will be accused, not the abuser.”

Today, as a member of ASILA association Mostafa believes that such revelations about what is going on inside Ashraf 3 can help the world know the MEK and this might aid release the people who are still taken as hostages in the group’s camp called Ashraf 3 in Albania.

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